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Blog As Code II

Overview We’re going to host our blog via GitLab Pages using hugo to build the site and GitLab CI to publish it. We’re going to: Create the project Install Hugo locally Scaffold the blog Add Gitlab-CI definition Review, commit, and push Check GitLab Have a blog on GitLab Pages! Create the Project First, we’ll need to create a new project in GitLab called <username> - in my case, it is michaeltlombardi.

Blog As Code

Choosing a Stack When it came time to bring my blog back around, I knew that I wanted to do a few things: Have my blog automatically publish to my domain via continuous integration - every time I add a post to master, I want it to magically show up on the internet where it’s supposed to be. Generate my posts entirely from markdown - I’m all-in on writing in plain text to publish pretty.

blog init

I’ve resurrected my blog, again. The focus this time is simply around capturing information for later use or helping me synthesize things I’ve been working on. I hope you find it useful, I know I will.